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The forumdigital. story

Forum digital is a boutique agency that works with organisations to help advise and guide them through the many decisions they will face in the digital space.

We are a lean organisation that places emphasis on delivering a high level of personalised project management, client care, speed of development, delivery and support. We provide access to professional, top-level expertise and resource from our network of trusted sub-contractors and digital suppliers and agencies.

Forum Productions Limited was established in 2009 by Evan Cooper (Managing Director), creating sub-brand ‘forumdigital.’ in 2021 as a retail arm of the company. Evan’s background is more than a decade in leadership roles at other digital agencies.


Evan Cooper

Evan Cooper

Managing Director

Digital is full of potential. But the tools are just there to enable you to reach your business objectives – don’t get lost in the tech!”

At Forum digital, our background is business ownership, bloody-minded
lead-generation, business systems, efficiency, marketing principles, and using whatever tool or channel that gets the result.

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