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The guys at Forum Digital have been around for a bit…seen the inside workings of how some of the well-established agencies operate and we have plenty of insights that may help get you where you want to go.



Marketing & Business Tech

Forum Digital Consultation

Consulting and Production services for; Marketing Automation, eCommerce & Lead Gen websites.

Digital Marketing

Forum Digital ecommerce websites

Get seen, contacted & sell with; Email Marketing, SEO, Design, Marketing Content, and Promotional services.

Video & Audio Production

Forum Digital Audio Production and video services

We have both in-house creative services, as well as trusted subcontractors to record, edit and mix audio and video for your project.

Forum Digital Office Desk

Forum digital is a boutique agency, existing to work with a small number of businesses that want help and advice to navigate the New Zealand digital space.

Digital is full of potential, but the tools are just there to enable you to reach your business objectives – don’t get lost in the tech!


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