Forum Digital is registered to provide Business Advice or Implementation support with Activate Tāmaki Makaurau. Find out more by reading about our services below or fill in our contact form and we will contact you to discuss further.

You can find out more about ACTIVATE TĀMAKI MAKAURAU and register for business advice or implementation grants at their website.

Our registered services include:

    • Digital Enablement Advice
    • Digital Marketing Advice
    • Implementation of Digital Enablement Plan
    • Implementation of Business Strategies and Continuity Plan
    • Implementation of Digital Marketing Plan
    • Marketing Advice

Digital Enablement Advice

Keep up to date to meet the ever changing  expectations and requirements of your customers. 

Forum Digital can help you navigate the many and varied digital tools. Helping you decide which tools, business processes and customer experiences to create and/or modify.

We do this by viewing your organisation through the lens of these 4 main areas: 

  • Platform selection 

  • Configuration 

  • Integration 

  • Maximising Efficiency

Digital Marketing Advice

Don’t get left behind by your competitors. 

There is so much that can be done in the digital marketing space, with the majority of it measurable and controllable. Ensure you get good advice and have a good strategic approach to avoid spreading your resources thin, not being targeted and overspending with little result.

Forum Digital has a strong marketing background, and can provide real world advice. We firstly understand your business, your business objectives, and help you develop a strategy and plan for the right activity and tactics.

Our Digital Marketing Advice service consists of 2 main focuses:

  • Strategy – reviewing, understanding and discussing;

    • what you have done, 

    • what others and doing, 

    • what your data and market data says.

  • Planning – deciding what you can realistically do and achieve to reach your business objectives.

Implementation of Digital Enablement Plan

Forum Digital are experienced in delivering a broad range of digital solutions and programmes. We work with a smaller number of select clients, to ensure that there is enough attention to deliver results. We always aim to deliver solutions and services that we can be proud of.

Deliver, Test, Measure & Improve:
  • Data driven Implementation

  • Ongoing refinement

  • High quality Deliverables


Implementation of Business Strategies and Continuity Plan

Businesses don’t always consider failure, emergencies and other risky events. Once your business dreams and objectives have been established and a strategy is being drafted, it can be easy to overlook reasons to consider and create a Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Forum Digital can help you plan for:

  • Minimising Interruptions & reducing operational downtime

  • Limiting Damage – staff and data issues

  • Create Alternatives – i.e. working remotely, failsafe backups

  • Communicating With Confidence – Avoid chaos in difficult times, have a plan to delegate key tasks and communicate to all key stakeholders. 

Implementation of Digital Marketing Plan

Once a Digital Marketing Strategy has been established and a marketing plan developed for execution, then implementation is the next step.

Forum Digital is experienced in the implementation of marketing plans and has the capability to advise and coach your internal teams and/or execute on your behalf.

How we implement:

  • Strategic & Data driven approach

  • Implement, Measure, Tune

  • Continual Improvement & Refinement

  • AdWords, SEO, Email Marketing, Social etc.

Implementation of Marketing Plan

Forum Digital understands the wider requirements of implementing a marketing plan and ways of making your marketing dollar go further and to increase the effectiveness of your efforts.

We focus on:

  • Well-structured planning

  • Action Plan development

  • Methodical implementation Approach – Objectives, Timing Expectations, Key Success metrics, Activity, Tactics.

Marketing Advice

Forum Digital’s background is; business ownership, bloody-minded lead gen, marketing principles & using whatever tool or channel that gets the result. We give advice out of our extensive experience of real world, hands on business marketing. Be careful not to be sidetracked by marketing tools, as the tools are there to help execute your strategy and plan. Employing marketing fundamentals are critical in directing and informing how the tools are used.

Some of the Marketing tools and activities that Forum Digital can provide advice on – how they will best suit your business and can be used to achieve your business objectives:

  • Websites (Led-gen & ecomm)
  • Marketing – Strategy, Digital & Automation
  • Business systems & Tech
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO

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